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Another term for depression, it is a region where the atmospheric pressure is lesser than that of surrounding places. Low-pressure systems made under locations of wind divergence which happens in ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Forecasting

This is liable for the dispersal and distribution of warnings, information, and advisories in line with the specific program they have a piece of, agreed by consensus at the World Meteorological ...

Domain: Weather; Category: General weather

This is the temperature of water near the surface of the ocean. The accurate meaning of surface varies based on the measurement procedure used, but it is between one millimeter (0.04 in) and twenty ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Atmospheric chemistry

This is the maturation and strengthening of a tropical cyclone in the atmosphere. The methods through which tropical cyclogenesis occurs are distinctly not the same from those through which ...

Domain: Weather; Category: General weather

These are prevailing winds in the midway latitudes between thirty and sixty degrees latitude, gusting from the high pressure area (HPA) in the horse latitudes on the way to the poles.

Domain: Weather; Category: Wind

This is a powerful ground-level system of wind that emanates from a source, blowing in a plain line in any kind of directions from that source. Often creating damaging winds, it can be confused with ...

Domain: Weather; Category: General weather

This is a place in the Atlantic Ocean that contains the Caribbean Sea and Gulf of Mexico, which is very prone and vulnerable to hurricanes during the period time of Atlantic Hurricane.

Domain: Weather; Category: Storms

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