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This is a rapidly-spinning storm structure characterized by a low-pressure center, heavy winds, and a curling arrangement of thunderstorms that create heavy rain. Usually tropical cyclone was form ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Storms

This is the temperature of water near the surface of the ocean. The accurate meaning of surface varies based on the measurement procedure used, but it is between one millimeter (0.04 in) and twenty ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Atmospheric chemistry

Another term for depression, it is a region where the atmospheric pressure is lesser than that of surrounding places. Low-pressure systems made under locations of wind divergence which happens in ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Forecasting

Some other term for horse latitudes, it is a remarkable belt of high pressure located in the Northern Hemisphere around the latitudes of 30°N and 30°S in the Southern Hemisphere.

Domain: Weather; Category: General weather

This is the quantitative relation of the partial pressure of water vapor in a water-air mixture to the overflowing vapor pressure of water at a recommended temperature. The relative humidity of air ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Forecasting

Connected with a tropical cyclone is a usual indicator of the strength capacity of the storm. Within a fully developed tropical cyclone, it can be found within the eyewall at a distance described as ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Forecasting

This is a vortex of wind within a convective storm. That is, it is air that ascends and rotates around a vertical axis, basically in the same location direction as low pressure systems in a certain ...

Domain: Weather; Category: Wind

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