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A glossary detailing specialist terminology for describing the construction and classification of firearms.

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The barrel is the tube down which fired ammunition is stabilised before exiting the firearm. In general terms, the longer the barrel, the further the bullet will travel, however there is a point at ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The flat surface of the bolt that engages with the rear of the ammunition to both load new rounds into the chamber and secure them in place during firing. The bolt face will have a hole for the ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The butt-plate is the shaped plate at the very end of the stock, where the shoulder meets the firearm. Most WWII era rifles had wood or metal butt-plates. Due to the lack of funds, many cold-war era ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The cylinder in which ammunition is fired from. The cylinder in most firearms is directly connected to the barrel and holds the cartridge in place as its primer is struck by a hammer or firing pin. ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The handle used to charge the firearm, or open the breach to perform safety checks or to remove malfunctioned ammunition. In most cases the charging handle is directly attached to the bolt carrier ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The drag line is the ring of surface damage caused by the cylinder stop pin on most revolvers. It is caused by the pin dragging over the surface of the cylinder as it rotates between shots. The ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The firing pin is a small, pointed, metal rod which is eiter struck by a hammer or is spring-loaded and held in place by a shear in the bolt or firing pin block. When released, or struck, the rod ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

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