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A glossary detailing specialist terminology for describing the construction and classification of firearms.

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A lever which connects the index (in most cases) with the trigger shear, usually shaped in a wide-radius convex curve in an otherwise flat piece of material. Older triggers have a tendency to be ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The loop shaped construction that encircles the trigger. Usually extending from the receiver and connecting again to the firearm at the grip. The purpose of the trigger guard is to protect the ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The term describing the fully assembled set of components that create the trigger mechanism. This includes, but is not limited to, the trigger, trigger shear, hammer shear and trigger reset spring. ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

The area milled, pressed, moulded or otherwise created in the receiver to hold the trigger assembly.

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

When dealing with small arms that use a lever in the operation of field-stripping, the term 'take-down lever' is used. It describes the wing of metal attached to a pin which retains the slide, bolt ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

Like the take-down lever, the take down tab is a device that allows the field stripping of a firearm. Almost exclusively found on hand guns, the take-down tab usually operates in a linear motion, ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

In the field of rifles, take-down levers and tabs are rare and most rely on proprietry disasembly methods. One of the most popular methods for adding a quick disassembly function to a rifle is by ...

Domain: Military; Category: Firearms

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