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Languages develop fast from many directions. Ghetto Slang is an important contributor. Once only spoken in poor areas, ghetto slang can be found everywhere now. In schools, in movies and in the music.


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A hooker's customer. A girl cannot be a trick. A hooker turn's tricks, meaning has good business.

Domain: Communication; Category: Oral communication

A serious trouble with an individual, or group, or gang. To have beef with someone is to have arguments or war. (exam. "I can't stand that dude me and him got beef over a girl")

Domain: Language; Category: Slang

A biter , a person who is not original and copies from others. In Hip Hop it's a person who copies another persons style, move, scratch, rhyme

Domain: Language; Category: Slang

Wearing you pants low and most of the time with no belt. This style of dress originated in the prison system because they confiscated belts and shoe laces so an inmate can't hang himself.

Domain: Language; Category: Slang

I like what your doing, I'm glad that your doing well. ( exam. If someone is telling you that they got a job, you reply "I ain't mad atcha").

Domain: Language; Category: Slang

1- A wise person, a person who speaks with great knowledge. 2- A serious situation (exam. "that kid got shot in the head, shit was deep")

Domain: Language; Category: Slang

Something that is really cool. "That's so phat!"

Domain: Entertainment; Category: Popular culture

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Ghetto slang is a language developed in several neighborhoods or boroughs of New York City. It's called "ghetto slang" because its origins are from the slums and because it had a negative connotation for most people at first. Today, however, ghetto slang has become more accepted in pop culture, especially among youth subcultures like hip-hip and trap music. One can even find it used in popular songs and movies nowadays; as an https://www.huffingtonpost.ca/gloria-kopp/essay-writing-payments_b_14793970.html example, in the video game Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas, there's a song called "Respect My Conglomerate" (see lyrics here).

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