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A breathing technique which uses the large, dome-shaped muscle in the lungs' base. With the help of the abdominal muscles, additional power is given to move the diaphragm and to empty the lungs.

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

A surgical procedure which involves the removal of the thymus. This is done to persons with Myasthenia Gravis in order to suppress the immune system and is also done to those who has tumor in the ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

An antimuscarinic agents given in preoperative stage to decrease body secretions such as saliva. Atropine helps maintain the normal beat of the heart during surgery and anesthesia. It also blocks and ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

A parasympathomimetic and a quaternary amine which is absorbed poorly in the gut and cannot cross the blood–brain barrier. It prevents acetylcholine breakdown and used to improve muscle strength in ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

A parasympathomimetic that affects the body's chemicals involved in the communication between nerve impulses and muscle movement. It is used to treat Myasthenia Gravis and is given after surgery to ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

A powerful technique that uses fluorescent-labeled antibodies in order to detect antigens. This technique is widely used in scientific research and in laboratories. It is an example of immunostaining ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Diseases

A complete evaluation of the respiratory system that measures the lungs capacity to take in and release air from the atmosphere into the circulation of the body. It used to identify the extent of the ...

Domain: Health care; Category: Medicine

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